Sunday, 1 February 2015

Quick & Dirty Rules

February is upon us, and the daylight is at last starting to last a little longer into the evenings. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Don Featherstone books and have decided to fight some of his demo games, using slightly modified rules, from the book, Battles with Model Soldiers. The first battle is shown below. Though this was using Airfix Union and Confederate troops, I of course will be using Royalist and Parliamentarian troops. A simple table has been set up, with a road running diagonally across the table. A small wall and two clumps of trees.

 The diagram in the book recreated on the war gaming table.

The wall can be seen beside the road in the centre.

I used die rolls to decide where on the table the forces are initially deployed. A throw of 1or 2 left flank, 3 or 4 centre and  5 or 6 right flank. The Royalist die are red and  it can be seen that both of their units deployed on their left flank. For Parliament, blue die, one unit deployed on the right flank opposite the Royalist units and one on the very left flank.
Two Royalist units face a single Parliament unit across the table.
 The Parliamentary unit on the left flank is out on its own at the end of the road.

 The two foot regiments of Parliament, each with two sleeves of shot, totalling 16 musketeers and a block of pike, which I shall count as 12 pike, even though command is mixed in with them.

 The Royalists, have exactly the same strength in their units.

The majority of the rules in this Quick & Dirty Rule system fits onto one sheet of A4 paper, that is what I call simple. The only thing that remains is to fight out this first battle on the table. I will of course take plenty of photographs and give a thorough explanation of the rules as I go along.


  1. Which book is this from, please?

  2. The book is Battles with Model Soldiers by Donald Featherstone. Written about 1970, so very retro in style.