Monday, 16 February 2015

Demo Battle 3 - Turn 6

Fast approaching the end game I feel, Parliament are really in trouble, with little chance of pulling the fat out of the fire.

Royalist foot advance toward enemy foot units, as the outnumbered Parliamentary horse throw themselves at the Royalist horse.
Forcing the Royalist foot into Hedgehog.
Meanwhile, in the centre, the Parliament foot continue to take punishing casualties.
Predictably, the outnumbered 4:1 Parliamentary horse are wiped out. Which will release this foot unit from Hedgehog, to continue their advance, and give the horse a free hand to make mischief.
With the Parliament horse now gone, one foot stuck in Hedgehog and the other severely mauled, it appears the day belongs to the Royalist forces. Still with half a horse regiment, an unscathed regiment of foot fast approaching the enemy foot units, and the second in very good shape. The end game fast approaches.

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