Sunday, 15 February 2015

Demo Battle 3 - Turn 5

The next turn of the battle was acted out on the table top this afternoon. Troops moving all over the field and only a minor amount of firing.

 Brigadier Simpkins alters his position to allow verbal communication with all four of his units. His horse have taken up a position beside the wall, still within 12 inches of the enemy foot, keeping them in Hedgehog.
 The parliamentary artillery has limbered up and will be ready to move next turn, whilst his horse are making in the general direction of the trees.
 In a bold move, Brigadier Brown, moves his depleted foot regiment 4 inches forward, this means they come into medium musket range and cannot themselves fire this turn.
 They pay the price with five more casualties.
 A general look at the battlefield, with all units in view.
The battle is still in the balance, but with the Royalist foot on the left now quickly approaching the centre to aid their comrades, and the Royalist horse pinning one of the Parliamentary foot in defensive Hedgehog formation, Brigadier Brown is going to have to work some magic to recover the situation.

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