Saturday, 14 February 2015

Demo Battle 3 - More Slashing and Hacking.

The battle continues, Brigadier Simpkin's Royalists having the initiative on this turn, can Brigadier Brown drive his forces on to victory?

 Enemy foot, face each other at maximum musket range.
 Royalist cannon prepare to fire.
 Regiments of horse, prepare for a second clash.
 Royalist left flank foot, continue to march to the centre.
 Parliamentary cannon hopes to get involved.
Brigadier Richard Simpkins encourages his men on.
 Royalist horse force the nearest Parliament foot into Hedgehog whilst clashing sabres with the enemy horse.
 Outnumbered but unbowed, the Parliament horse charge again.
Parliament cannon quickly unlimber and point at the Royalist horse.
 Brigadier Kurtus Brown encourages his men.
 Once again the Royalist horse inflict terrible casualties on the enemy.
 Failing the morale test, the Parliament horse fall back.
 Parliament foot exact revenge on the Royalist cannon killing two of the crew.
 Royalist foot inflict more casualties on their opposite number.
Royalist win initiative again, for the next move.
The battle is now entering a critical phase, both brigadiers have their work cut out, the decisions they make will decide the battle.

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  1. Times like this call for a quick swig and a good sword brandishing. Hahhaaa... good fun. Onwards... I will show no quarter...