Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Update on what I am doing.

I haven't posted on my blog for a while so thought I should show what I have been doing of late.

First of all was the challenge to show your armies, well I only have two armies with me at the moment, The 6 mm ACW troops, so I laid them all out on my small table for inspection. Confederates on the left and the Union on the right.

I am working on the Tabletop Commanders Winter Warmer challenge also. The aim is to paint up something that has been hanging about in a cupboard or drawer, and need completing. The challenge runs from 1st October until the 31st December. I am attempting to complete my remaining ACW troops, about 1,000 of them, as well as beginning work on the 'Liberty or Death' box set by Warlord Games, for the AWI in 28 mm.

Below are three regiments of black hats, they will form the Union Iron Brigade.

Not forgetting my wargaming, I am fighting the Battle of Antietam in three phases. The table below is set out for the first part of the battle. The wheat field with its split log fence is on the left.

Looking at the table from the East. The Dunker Church is on a small plateau on the left (South) with Jackson's Corps defending. Hooker's Corps is to the North end of the table.

Looking North along the table from the rebel position at the Dunker Church.

The wheat field slopes down towards the Union positions, meaning they can't see what is before them.

The Confederates are up slope, but until they reach the crest by the fence surrounding the wheat field, their view is also limited.

On the left flank one rebel brigade has a good view of everything.

The battle rages.

The sprue of eight Woodland Indians from the box set, became my test figures. I am happy with how they turned out.

Various war painted warriors.

The 6 mm ACW part of the challenge is also coming along well. I forgot my MDF bases, so am currently unable to base up completed units, but you can now see six of the compartments have fully painted Union soldiers in them, one per regiment. The empty compartments show three more Union are on the painting table.

Here they are awaiting a blob of paint.

A sprue of ten Militia, are the next test figures for the 28 mm part of the challenge.

Some very good poses and a pleasure to put together.

Almost finished now, still a little highlighting to do and the bases to finish off too.

Yet more 6 mm Union on the painting table.

A sprue of twelve Hessians will be next for the 28 mm part of the challenge.

The Union army box is gradually filling up with completed units.