Wednesday, 14 December 2016

OHW - Pike and Shot rules, AAR

After an enjoyable Medieval battle yesterday, today we move onto the English Civil War. Once again the rules are just slightly adjusted for the new period, but many of the core mechanics stay the same. The only problem I had with the Pike and Shot rules, was the fact there was no provision for artillery, but it has two classifications of cavalry. Basically trotters and gallopers, the former use pistols and the latter charge with sabre etc.

I simply took the artillery stats from the Horse and Musket period and replaced one of the cavalry classifications, combining the the two cavalry into one classification, so they are both trotters and gallopers. It worked out just fine.

The field of battle was once again kept simple, flat, with a small wood in the centre.

The roll of the die selected the following forces for the Montrose Irish. Two units of cavalry, three units of infantry (which combine pikes and musketeers) and finally a band of Highland Clansmen.

Facing them are the Scottish Covenanters. Four units of infantry, plus one each of artillery and cavalry.

The Covenanters deploy. Artillery on the extreme right flank, single unit of horse on the opposite flank, with the infantry between.

The Montrose Irish, placed a horse unit on their left flank, with two units of infantry.

The right flank had one each of horse, clansmen and infantry.

The forces lined up at the start of the battle. Remember this table is 30 x 30 inches only.

The Covenanters advance.

The artillery piece lines up on the enemy horse, but miss.

Everything advances for Montrose Irish.

A few troop eye views.

The artillery fires at the cavalry again,

This time it managed to score a hit.

The Covenanter horse on the left, now in pistol range lets loose, notice the white disc, the rules have a neat little mechanic that once a unit fires it has to throw a second die, if that is a 1 or 2, they are out of ammo for the rest of the game. The disc shows this unit is now out of ammo.

But the volley of pistols, does some damage.

Covenanter infantry move around the wood. (Only Highlanders can pass through woods).

The right flank also continues to advance.

The Montrose horse pivot and smash into a Covenanter infantry regiment, (being in melee, stops them being a target for the artillery).

The Montrose right flank also closes.

What the troops see.

The Montrose horse, also fire their pistols, and they too have a white disc to show out of ammo.

The pistol balls do strike home.

The cavalry engage in melee with the Covenanter infantry.

Causing some hits.

But in return, the infantry skewer a few horsemen with their pikes.

Covenanter and Montrose infantry in melee.

The clansmen take losses in a melee with the enemy infantry.

With both sides out of ammo, it is the good old sword and sabre that come into use.

More soldier eye views.

It was now really a case of being locked in melee, you can see the casualties mount as the photographs continue. Just for reference, each unit can take 15 hits, I show the hits as 1 - 5 on yellow disc, 6 - 10 on blue and finally 11 - 15 on red. the pips indicating with the colour. e.g. blue disc with a one equals a total of 6 hits.

These two units, unable to get into melee, conduct a musketry duel.

The Covenanter infantry fire another salvo, but are now out of ammo.

Both lines locked in melee.

The Covenanter infantry are more than holding their own against the horse.

A couple more eye level shots.

In a catastrophic turn, the Montrose Irish lose their left wing horse.
 A unit of infantry in the centre.

And their right wing horse!

With the Irish horse gone, the remaining infantry has two enemy plus the artillery facing it on this flank.

The Covenanter horse, though damaged, is free to find a new target.

A Covenanter infantry unit desperately tries to pivot, to aid their colleagues.

The clansmen and infantry desperately hang on.

The melee is brutal.

A last charge by the clansmen destroys a Covenanter infantry unit.

Things looking desperate for the Irish on this flank as the second Covenanter unit now turns to face them.

The clansmen now face a new foe, as well, as the enemy cavalry are about to hit their flank.

Weight of numbers begin to tell, two units onto one.

And again, with the clansmen hit in the flank by cavalry.

The surviving clansmen turn and flee, the cavalry charge was too much to take.

Montrose Irish on both flanks are now outnumbered by the enemy.

But that doesn't stop them fighting as a Covenanter infantry unit breaks.

Quickly followed by another!

The melee continues, with the Irish fighting for their lives.

The other surviving Irish regiment, now has the sight of enemy cavalry charging at them.

Murderous hand to hand combat.

The horse strike home on the enemy.

The Irish desperately attempt to pivot and face their attackers.

Success for the Irish, they rout the enemy horse.

But at the same time, their colleagues are destroyed on the other flank.

At this point I ended the battle, Each side had a badly damaged single unit of infantry

Plus, the Covenanters also still had their artillery.

I think a marginal victory for the Covenanters.

Once again a quick, enjoyable but brutal battle. This battle lasted a little longer than the Medieval battle, but much shorter than the ACW battle. I think the ability to melee, quickly depletes the forces and ends the game much sooner.