Saturday, 22 April 2017

Imagi-Nations. Second pair of artillery done, work commencing of third.

Cadesh now has its two 8 pound artillery pieces and crew.

Violet uniforms with lemon cuffs.

Also in tricornes, rather than the round hats that come with the kit.

The bases turned out pretty good.

Very happy with these two units.

Basing work started on the two Karacian eight pounders.

The crew are built, primed and now receiving base coat colours.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Imagi-Nations. Two artillery pieces and crew done.

As I still had the sky blue of Walivia on my palette after painting their cavalry, so painted up their two artillery crews.

I went with black cuffs and hat trim.

The bases are a little tight, 60 x 60 mm. I probably should have gone slightly larger.

I still managed to fit everything on, and a little scenic work on the bases too.

The figures were fairly simple to construct, just getting arms and poles to meet and stay in position is always a challenge.

Now this gun line is complete, I shall begin work on the next artillery units, Cadesh and Karacia will also have two 8 pound cannon and crew each.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Imagi-Nations. Walivia's first cavalry squadron.

Completed a unit of cavalry, a bit fiddly but well worth it. Lots of parts in the box, the horse is in five parts and the mounted figures in six. Multiply that by twelve and you have 132 pieces to deal with, a turn off for metal figure buyers for sure.

The set does not include a standard pole, so I used a cut down metal spear. It does however, have a couple of right arms with open hands, for the trumpeter and a standard bearer.

The unit doesn't have a name or designation number yet.

Just a simple base of a few small stones, flock and tufts.

Next up will be the crews for the six artillery pieces I have already built and painted. That will allow me to base them up.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

More work done on the Imagi-Nations armies.

I have managed to complete one foot regiment for each of the three nations that will feature in the Imagi-Nations campaign. They all still need flags designing and affixing, but the figures are based in fours on 40 x 40 mm bases and are now flocked.

I also built the six cannon from the two starter boxes, I gave to each to each nation. I went for the 8 pound option rather than 12 pound. I will add the larger calibre at a later date.

Each regiment has 24 figures, one base of each being grenadiers.

I am very pleased with the look so far.

Currently working on the first of six regiments of cavalry.

A box full of reinforcements to add to the two starter box sets. I am going to be busy for quite some time.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Imagi-Nations. Basing the Foot regiments.

I have been unable to paint of late, due to the bulb in my illuminated magnifier giving up the ghost, a spare bulb will be fitted later this month. But I am able to do some basing.

Three regiments of foot, one for each of my Imagi-Nations. At the rear in sky blue is the Kingdom of Walivia. They are fully based and ready to go. In the centre in violet and black, is Queen Josephine's Regiment of Foot, of Cadesh. Finally, in the front is a regiment for the Republic of Karacia, they wear burnt red.

The leading two regiments still need their bases completing, I hope to finish that today.

Notice the swords laid ahead, the buggers fell off when I was painting the bases, Grrrr. you only have to look at them and they fall off. I will reapply them when the flocking is complete.

I am pleased with both the colour schemes and how they turned out, It will be some horse regiments next, I have begun the first, but the aforementioned blown bulb, is holding up proceedings.