Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Demo Battle 3 - Now over.

Well the battle is now over, at the end of last turn, Brigadier Brown's forces were at a distinct disadvantage, one foot unit trapped in Hedgehog, another badly shattered. He took the decision to concede the victory to Brigadier Simpkins and the Royalist forces.
My thanks to Kurtus and Ringo for kindly taking leading their forces in battle and providing me with very useful feedback and recommendations regarding rule changes.

 The victorious Royalists jeer the enemy as they leave the field.
A new battle, with revised rules, will be fought in the near future.
With this battle now over, and the Quick & Dirty Rules needing a tweak to perform better the next time. Attention can be turn back to the English Civil War Diary, that is running on this blog. It has been neglected due to the fact that the skirmish at Balk Wood, needs to be fought out on the table, to allow me to write the next diary entry.
The table will be re  laid for this battle, which I will hopefully fight in the next couple of days. I shall take photographs, to include in the diary entry, at least I hope I can include them, we shall see.

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