Thursday, 21 December 2017

Work has begun on the ACW reinforcements.

As promised, I am showing all the reinforcements I ordered out of the bags. In fact, flash has been removed, there was very little of it, the bases filed flat, all washed and scrubbed in soapy water and finally stuck onto lolly (Popsicle) sticks. Last night I hand primed them, it has been to wet and damp outside to use a rattle can.

All the guys laid out ready for painting.

Dismounted Union troopers and horse holders.

Mounted Confederate troopers, enough for five regiments of nine figures, to be split in a 4 and 5 on 30 x 30 mm bases,

Dismounted Confederate troopers and horse holders.

Mounted Union troopers, exact same numbers as the Confederates.

Finally, the generals for both sides. I miscalculated here, I could have done with more flag holders, I only have a total of six. Baccus are fine if you contact them, which is what I will do in the new year and request a pack of 15 standard bearers. They will supply any pose you wish, to the same amount of figures and price of a standard pack.

They will do the job for now, as I really need a Union VI Corps commanders base for my ongoing campaign. I shall probably use all of them for the Union, as I do have enough Confederates for now.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

ACW reinforcements arrive.

Probably my final update on this blog before Christmas, so season's greeting to all who read this, and even to those who don't.

My small Baccus order arrived this morning. It will allow me now to create some cavalry regiments for both sides on 30 x 30 mm bases, something I don't currently have. I was also a bit light in cavalry anyway, so these new boys will solve that problem.

I took the opportunity to order a command pack for both sides too, I needed some more divisional and corps commander stands.

The Corps flags will be placed with the Corps Commander, rather than the Stars and Stripes for late war era battles.

Sorry for poor photo quality, I will show them when cleaned up and ready for painting. The two command packs.

Dismounted cavalry and horse holders.

Mounted cavalry, enough for five regiments of nine minis each side.

As I am currently fighting a mini-campaign, the reports are over on the TtC Blog page. These guys will get bumped up the painting queue as I need the smaller sized bases for showing column.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

On the painting desk from now until April.

I am now back home in the city for winter, and I now have access to my mancave once again. However, the large table has been disassembled as it was too large and heavy for wargaming, it was originally built for a model railway. With that out of the way, I now have a 5' x 2' 6" folding table. Though obviously smaller, it is far more practicable for this small room. A 6' x 4' piece of MDF or similar, will be purchased, and it can sit on top of the table for larger battles when required. At other times the table is both my paint station and computer station.

For the next three and a half months I shall be concentrating mainly, but not exclusively, on 28mm figures. I ordered the Conquest Games Normans to do battle with my Anglo-Danes and Vikings.

I went for a single box of Archers.

Two boxes each of Knights and infantry, that should give me all the troops I need. I also want these guys to double up as early crusaders, to battle against my Saracen army. I am not sure which way to go for basing yet, either singly the same as the Vikings and Anglo-Danes, or four infantry figures per base as the Saracens.

I am currently working on the 4 point Viking warband from Saga, these are the metal figures to go alongside my already completed plastics. I also have a 4 point Anglo-Dane set to paint up as well.

I can now also return to my Imagi-Nations project, I still have one cavalry and three infantry regiments to paint, as well as metal command figures and gun limbers from Front Rank.

With thoughts of a much smaller area once I return to the coast in April, I ordered a 10mm Marlburian British starter army from Pendraken. It all comes in one bag, with a couple of artillery pieces, limbers and crew, in a smaller bag. I have already cleaned these guys up and am very impressed with the sculpts. I need to order both mounted and dismounted dragoons and some mounted officers as they don't come in the starter bag, nor do any figures in the shooting pose.

Having now seen the quality, my next order will be the French starter army with the required extras as mentioned above. This will be my project over the summer to build the basis of two Wars of the Spanish Succession armies. Other nationalities will be added in due course.

Finally, I am awaiting delivery of an order from Baccus. I was very short of cavalry for my ACW armies, as well as officers for basing as Divisional and Corps commanders. The cavalry will be based on 30 x 30mm bases as opposed to the 60 x 30mm I currently have. This will allow for column on roads etc. much as I did with the infantry I completed last winter. I hope to do some work on these over the winter to enable me to take them all back with me in April. The 6 and 10mm are ideal for the small space I have available during the summer months. All the 28mm will remain here, for use over winter months.