Friday, 13 February 2015

Demo Battle 3 Turn 3 - The Forces Collide.

After receiving fresh dispatches from Brigadiers Simpkins and Brown, I was able to play the third turn of the demo battle.

 All the units receive their sealed orders for the turn.

Brigadier Brown has arrived and now has direct control over both his foot regiments.
The Parliamentary Artillery did not receive their orders and on the compulsory table threw a die and it ordered them to make a half move forward, so the gun has now been limbered up again.
 The Royalist cannon is unlimbered but cannot fire this turn, nor can the Parliamentary foot on the top left of the photograph.
 The two horse regiments crash into each other. As Brigadier Simpkins hurries over to the left to sort out his colonels.
Parliament suffer five casualties to the Royalist single casualty.
 The Royalist left flank foot, finally received its order and turned into column and began to march to the centre of the battlefield.
 Royalist foot fired a volley at long range and scored two casualties.
 The Royalists returned fire and scored six casualties. This will reduce this units dice to three for musketry.
 After the severe losses suffered by the Parliamentary horse, they lost the morale throw and have to retreat a full move to the rear.
On the next turn, the Royalists, red die, will have the initiative. With units not receiving orders and doing their own thing, it is causing consternation and frustration to the brigadiers, who have to constantly adjust their battle plans.


  1. Nothing is further from the truth. Remarkable effect losing control like this. One can only hope that the regiments have the know-how to do the right logical thing... NOT the case however.


  2. Too true Brigadier, tomorrow should be very interesting. The dice control the destiny.