Friday, 6 February 2015

Quick & Dirty Rules modification and a new figure.

After positive comments on You Tube, and especially from Ringo Simpkins, he suggested an alternative to the all seeing eye that a solo wargamer has on the table top. He suggested using a command rating and also about passing messages to distant units.

With that in mind I knocked up these tables, Command Rating, is the competency of the army commander, three ratings of good, average or poor. The figures next to it is the success rate of passing orders to units greater than twelve inches from him. The average commander would need to throw a 3 or more for his orders to successfully reach the unit concerned.
For units that fail to receive orders, a second table was created. The unit commander would make the decision what to do. A dice would be thrown and the unit would follow that instruction. This removes some of that God like power I have for making decisions in a solo wargame.

I have therefore added a mounted commander for each army.

 The Parliamentary Commander.

The Royalist Commander.
Both have been given an average rating for this demo battle.
Some different tactics will also be introduced into this demo, due to cavalry being present. A regiment of foot when being approached/attacked by cavalry would adopt the 'Hedgehog' defensive formation shown.
This forms a ring of pikes to keep the cavalry at bay and allows the musketeers to shelter from the attackers and be able to fire back. However, in this formation, only one dice would be thrown as opposed to the normal four, for a fully manned regiment.

To counter the Hedgehog, cavalry adopted a manoeuvre known as 'Caracole' this involved riding around in a circle, remember the unit in reality would consist of two or three hundred men. The closest would fire their brace of pistols at the hedgehog and move away, reloading their pistols, allowing others who had reloaded to get into position to fire. Once again, only one dice would be thrown in this formation. This is shown below.

Of course I only mount my foot regiments on three bases and my horse on four bases. To simulate both the hedgehog and caracole, I place the units concerned on the table in the following configuration.

The troopers on horse are attempting to kill enough pike men to force a way into the hedgehog, once inside, the formation would collapse and the foot would be at the mercy of the cavalry.

Finally, I was sent a figure by another YT subscriber, Gerrcinn. A standard bearer who will carry the Royal Standard and accompany Charles I on the table when he is present at a battle.

A superb figure, who once painted, will take his place with the king and the king's herald.

I hope to begin Demo Battle 2, tomorrow and upload it to YT in the evening. I shall also take photos of the battle, (hopefully, I wont delete them this time) to upload to the blog.


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