Thursday, 5 February 2015

Quick & Dirty Rules. Demo Battle Two

Have laid out the table for battle number two. In this battle the two foot regiments are reinforced by a regiment of horse. I throw dice to decide the starting position of the forces. The Royalist forces all ended up being placed in the centre of the table on their side, whilst once again, the Parliamentary forces was split into two. Both foot regiments being side by side on the left flank and the horse, on its own, away on the right flank.

 All the Royalist force grouped together in the centre. The Parliamentary horse can be seen across the field in the distance on its left flank.
 Royalist force lined up for battle.
 The Parliamentary horse on its own.
Closer view of the Parliamentary horse.
View of the two Parliamentary foot units across the field from the Royalist horse in the centre. 
Closer look at the Parliamentary foot regiments.
Throwing for initiative, Parliament will move first.
Parliament will have to decide how to move his forces, possibly bring his horse across to the centre of the table to force the Royalist foot into 'Hedgehog' defensive formation, or possibly engage the Royalist horse. Adding two units of horse, should alter the tactics for this battle.


  1. Thanks Kurtus, really enjoying these Don Featherstone scenarios, plus helping me formulate a set of rules that suit me and the period.