Saturday, 31 January 2015

Books for wargaming.

Have been acquiring a number of books, both rules and factual. Starting off with some classics by Donald Featherstone. I read a couple of his books many years ago and had forgotten just how good they were. Very retro, for these days, but I really like his quick and dirty way of wargaming. Minimal record keeping, figure removal for casualties etc. A set of rules I intend to try out on the table. The first book was given to me by fellow YT and Blogger, David Brits. His generosity has rekindled my love for Featherstone's books.


 I  also purchased a number of books on the Civil War to allow me to live the time and study the battles. The book above, describes three battles in detail and is very good.
This book describes all the battles, both big and small, although in a very abbreviated form it also gives maps of the area and in some cases the actual formation of the troops involved.

These two books were recommended by another fellow YT, Gary of Marksman Gaming. They go into great depth about the personalities and the goings on of the period, excellent reads both of them.

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  1. Thanks for the mention on the C V Wedgewood books.

    Gary of Marksman Gaming