Sunday, 10 June 2018

Conquest of the Empire Board Game, Part Two - Campaign Season One, Rounds One & Two.

Campaign Season One, Round One.

Blue spends his first action recruiting, four legions each costing five Talents, a total of twenty. One catapult for fifteen Talents (one gold = 10 and one silver = 5 Talents). Finally one cavalry for ten Talents. He also accrues two chaos tokens for recruiting.

The troops are all placed in Galatia. His second action is to move his general with a large force into Asia.

Green first action is to move the Caesar and a small army into the vacant region of Narbonensis.

The second action is to convert the region token into an influence marker for a cost of ten Talents.

Green now has influence in Narbonensis and a potential ten victory points at the end of this campaign season.

A red army led by the Caesar moves from Neapolis to Italia for the first action.

A juicy two Italia region tokens are available for purchase and converting into red influence markers.

Second action he does exactly that, cost ten talents per token to convert.

Red now has influence in Italia.

Yellow's first action is to give battle to the single blue legion in Achaia.

Yellow have three infantry, one cavalry and a general. The general gives them an extra die. Infantry symbols rolled by both sides so one kill each.

Both losses are removed.

Second action is to purchase the blue influence marker.

Convert it into one of his own for ten Talents.

He now has complete influence in Achaia.

End of round tax collecting. Each influence marker on the map is worth five talents. Red receives 30, blue 15, yellow 25 and finally green 25. Notice also that blue has four chaos tokens, two for recruiting this round and two for losing that battle in Achaia.

Overall position at the end of Round One.

Campaign Season One, Round Two.

Blue in Asia use their first action to attack the sole yellow legion.

Two hits, a catapult and cavalry enough to destroy the yellow legion twice over, in response they score a hit.

The two destroyed units

Yellow also have to take two chaos tokens for losing a battle.

Now the green legion feels the heat from blue in their second action. Just one hit, the cavalry to destroy yellow who also hit back.

The defeated units ready for removal.

Two chaos tokens for green for losing the battle.

Blue now occupies Asia, but has no actions left to exchange the tokens for their own influence markers.

Green's first action is to use their general to convert the Hispania region token into a green influence token.

At a cost of ten Talents.

The token is replaced.

They use their second action to recruit. Ten talents each for cavalry, fifteen for a catapult and five each for a legion.

Reinforcements split between Hispania and Narbonensis.

They also have to accept two chaos for recruiting.

Red's first action is to convert the Neapolis token.

Ten talents paid and the influence marker is added.

Second action is to recruit. A general, two cavalry and four legions.

All in Italia and Neapolis.

Two chaos tokens for recruiting.

Yellow's first action is to take on of the twelve Conquest cards currently available. This card gives an extra die in all land combat and is kept for the remainder of the game.

Action two is to recruit.  One cavalry, four legions, one catapult and a Galley.

Reinforcements split between Numidia and Achaia.

Two points of chaos for recruiting.

Showing the cash, chaos and conquest cards held by each faction now.

Now taxes are gathered, five Talents for each influence token of your colour on the map.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Conquest of the Empire Board Game, Part One - Starting positions.

A four player game which I will be playing solo. The turn order and alliances for the first campaign season. Blue is the first player and his ally this season is red. This will change at beginning of each new campaign season.

Campaign Season One, Round One.

Overview of the whole board with starting troops, influence tokens and region tokens on the board.

First player blue has a single legion in Egyptus protecting his influence token. It is safe this round as blue and red are allies.

A second legion protects the marker in Achaia.

A larger force under a general is located in Galatia.

Finally, the Ceasar with a decent force is in Mesopotamia.

Green has a single legion in Asia.

The same in Sicilia.

With the bulk of the army containing both the Caesar and general in Hispania.

Red has a large force under a general in Egyptus.

Another force under their Caesar in Neapolis.

The Ceasar is in command in Numidia for the yellows.

Single legion in Sicilia.

A general with a small force in Achaia.

Finally, a single legion in Asia.

The next entry will show movement, purchasing of available region tokens, recruitment, selection of cards from the Conquest Deck if any are drawn and of course any combat that occurs.