Monday, 2 February 2015

Quick & Dirty Rules

Part two of the Q&D rules for demo game number one.

Parliament (blue dice) win initiative in turn one.
 The single unit facing the two Royalist units does not move, but the left flank unit forms into column and begins to march down the road.
 Both Royalist units move forward their maximum four inches, the right most unit swinging slightly to its right, to face the oncoming Parliamentary unit on the road.
 The unit is ready to move forward to the wall.
 Royalist gain initiative in turn 2.
 The left most Royalist unit advances, the right hand regiment makes a move for the wall. In the distance the Parliamentary unit is in no rush to advance against two Royalist units.
 With double movement (8 inches) for travelling on the road in column, the Parliamentary left flank unit, travels quickly down the road.
 The Royalist unit will advance to anchor its left flank on the wall.
 The left hand Royalist unit advances through the small group of trees.

 Maximum musket range is 12 inches, shown on the tape.
Once again the Royalists gain the initiative.
Royalist unit now anchors its flank on the wall, just outside of maximum musket range.

 On the Royalist left flank, the Royalists continue to advance on the stationary Parliamentary unit.

In my next entry, the forces will collide. In these rules, casualties are removed as opposed to casualty markers being placed. Loss of men, means loss of firepower. A unit has to stand still for one complete turn to reload.

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