Saturday, 7 February 2015

Demo Battle Two - Latest happenings

I managed a few turns of the demo battle this afternoon.

Parliament won  the initiative and the commander did manage to get a message to his distant horse regiment, to move toward the enemy horse and draw them away from the foot regiments. He also started to move his two foot regiments forward with a part wheel to the right.

The distant Parliament cavalry advance towards the centre of the field.
The two foot regiments wheel and advance towards the Royalist foot.
 The Royalist commander seeing what the enemy is about, sends his horse to intercept the Parliamentary horse.
 He also advances and part wheels his two foot regiments, towards the Parliament foot.
The Royalist horse pass before the wheeling foot regiments.

The view from the Parliamentary horse, Royalist horse approaching and enemy foot regiments manoeuvring.
 Royalists win initiative this move, and the horse continue toward the enemy horse.
The two foot regiments continue their advance.
 Parliament foot, continue to advance.
 Parliamentary horse reach the low wall, closing in on the Royalist horse.
Another view from the Parliamentary horse.
 Next turn and the Royalists with initiative, move the horse around the wall to face the Parliamentary horse.
Royalist foot continue the slow but relentless advance.
 Parliament foot continue their advance, the wooded copse will come into play in the engagement.
 The two horse regiments about to collide.
View from the Royalist foot as they see the Parliamentary foot getting closer.
 Parliament foot continue advance.
The horse collide with devastating losses for both sides.

 Dice show the casualties suffered, Parliament 9 troopers and the Royalists 8!
 With casualties removed, a sorry sight indeed.
Parliament survivors lose the morale test and retire one full move.

However, as they are only outnumbered by one trooper, they return to the fray, hoping for a good dice roll, it comes up 6-6, the last three remaining Parliamentary troopers are removed along with three Royalist troopers. Leaving only one!
The sole remaining Royalist trooper, in reality represents about 30-40 men and so can still be a nuisance to Parliamentary foot units.
 With the horse regiments battle done, the foot regiments, get ever closer.
 It can now be seen how the wooded copse, will interfere with the, two furthest from camera, foot regiments of either side.
 The Royalist commander successfully passes a message to the surviving horse, to disrupt the enemy foot. He duly moves forward eight inches.
 Crossing the road beside his foot colleagues.
Royalists, once more with the initiative, advance into long range musket fire from Parliament. Two foot units are unable to fire due to the copse blocking line of sight. Only the closest Parliamentary unit can fire.
They fire at long range, note the red fired marker, and cause three casualties.
 Three casualties removed.
 The remaining survivors of the horse regiment, now force the closest enemy foot regiment to go into the Hedgehog, defensive formation.
 A couple of views of the hedgehog formation.
With the foot regiments now engaged and the remains of the Royalist horse causing the Parliamentary foot problems, it was time to call it a day. The battle will resume tomorrow.

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