Sunday, 8 February 2015

Quick & Dirty Demo Battle 2 now completed.

Finished the Demo Battle number Two this afternoon.

 The sole cavalry trooper had forced the right flank Parliamentarian foot regiment into Hedgehog. Not good, with a Royalist foot regiment advancing toward them through the wooded copse in their front.
The right hand sleeve of shot successfully destroyed the cavalryman and in the next turn, the regiment would be able to return to line formation.
 The nearest Royalist foot opened fire at long range on their opposite number.
Causing three casualties.
 This Royalist regiment continued to negotiate the wooded copse, however, the furthermost sleeve of shot, were not impeded by the wood and advanced a full four inches, bringing them into medium range of their muskets.
The Royalists have a clear field of fire.
 Now Parliament fired.
Causing two casualties.
 The single sleeve of Royalist musketeers fired with two dice on the Parliamentarians.
Causing a full seven casualties.
 The rest of the Royalist unit continued through the wooded copse.
The Parliament troops fired back on the single sleeve of Royalist muskets that had caused them such severe losses, and missed!
 The other regiment fired and had much better shooting.
Registering seven casualties on the Royalists.
 In the next move, the Royalists returned fire.
The result being four casualties.
 Parliament foot advanced toward the copse and were fired on again by the single Royalist sleeve, this time suffering three casualties.
The sleeve of musketeers that are causing such grievous Parliament losses.
 Another round of firing, now at medium range.
Four Royalists fall mortally wounded.
 Now clear of the copse, the Royalists are in the open and charge into the Parliamentarians.
 In a melee that will decide the whole battle, it is everyman for himself.
 Even though inflicting nine casualties on the Royalists, the Parliament foot are totally wiped out.
Leaving the victorious Royalist regiment free to manoeuvre against the single surviving Parliamentary regiment.
 The Royalist regiment once again fired.
 Scoring five more casualties.
 In the next turn, the now free Royalist foot regiment, turned in line to face the flank of the sole remaining Parliamentary foot regiment.
 The Parliament unit could have taken one more shot, but with overwhelming odds against them.
Held their fire and surrendered to avoid pointless losses.
So another Royalist victory is recorded. I must tweak the rules regarding cavalry, as the melee was just too brutal, instead of using the total roll plus one for shock on each halved, I will reduce it to a quarter casualties.
I hope you enjoyed this battle, especially as this time I managed not to lose the photographs. Do call back when I fight Demo Battle 3, this time artillery will be added to the mix.

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