Saturday, 31 January 2015

Books for wargaming.

Have been acquiring a number of books, both rules and factual. Starting off with some classics by Donald Featherstone. I read a couple of his books many years ago and had forgotten just how good they were. Very retro, for these days, but I really like his quick and dirty way of wargaming. Minimal record keeping, figure removal for casualties etc. A set of rules I intend to try out on the table. The first book was given to me by fellow YT and Blogger, David Brits. His generosity has rekindled my love for Featherstone's books.


 I  also purchased a number of books on the Civil War to allow me to live the time and study the battles. The book above, describes three battles in detail and is very good.
This book describes all the battles, both big and small, although in a very abbreviated form it also gives maps of the area and in some cases the actual formation of the troops involved.

These two books were recommended by another fellow YT, Gary of Marksman Gaming. They go into great depth about the personalities and the goings on of the period, excellent reads both of them.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Mounted Leader are now complete.

The mounted leaders are now finally complete. They can and will be anyone I choose to make them, as long as the ones with red sashes are royalist and the orange sashes parliament. The actual names of the miniatures are given.

 (left) Charles II, (right) Duke of Buckingham.

 (left) Sir Royston Twiston-Rawlings, (right) Lord Byrom
 (left) King's Herald, (centre) Lord Leven, (right) George Goring.

 (left) Sir Ralph Hopton, (centre) Septimus Gryndell, (right) Sir William Waller.

 (left) Earl of Essex, (right) Earl of Newcastle.

 Marquis of Montrose with standard bearer.

 Lord Rothes with escort.
Many of these figures will double for various commanders as and when the battle requires it, some will become fictitious leaders, just like Sir Royston and Septimus.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Scottish Highland Clansmen

With the farm animals now complete, I have returned to finishing off the Civil War Leader Figures. They have been bumped down the painting queue, due to the January Painting Challenge, however I have done a bit of work on them today and they are to the point were I can now varnish and then flock the bases. With them almost clear of the work bench, I opened the box of Highland Clansmen, cleaned up the flash, based and primed them, ready to start work in the next couple of days.
A few photos of the primed figures.

The figures consist of the original box set, plus a pack of six, amusingly called 'Errant Scum' to which I have also added four casualty figures in the front row. Painting the tartan should be an interesting challenge.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Farm animals now completed.

A few photographs of the completed farm animals, this now completes my January Painting Challenge. A regiment of Scots Lancers and the animals.

 Two adult cattle and a calf.
 Piglets and parents.
 Adult pigs, I did attempt to paint them as Gloucestershire Old Spots, but they looked to have a nasty case of measles. Repainted them as some generic breed.
 Mr Rooster and six white hens.

I enjoyed painting the animals and can now add them to my flock of sheep. The war game table will now be able to boast animals in any fields and farms that happen to be placed on the battlefield.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Farm animal update

Done a little work on the farm animals, still a little more to do, but thought I would share how they look at the  moment. I am happy with the cattle and chickens, not sure about the pigs, may well change the colours on them.

 Cattle base coated with Burnt Sienna and then given two coats of black wash.
 I left the calves in Burnt Sienna, as they haven't yet acquired the adult colouring.
 The pigs were painted a pale grey with a dry brushing of Flat Earth, still more to do on these.

Piglets are still a pale grey, more work needed.
 All the hens are white and red, will have dark legs.
 Only the rooster is Sienna with red and white.
All of Animal Farm.

Monday, 19 January 2015

The next diary entry.

Unfortunately, due to other things happening, I did very little painting over the weekend. However, the mounted leader figures are now complete and I have moved onto their mounts. The cattle have also had a coat of paint and a couple of washes. The pigs and chickens remain untouched for now.

The next entry of the Civil War Diary follows. I cannot write another entry until after I have fought the skirmish battle on the table top, only then will I know the winners and losers. The battle, will I hope, be enjoyable, in a gaming sense of course, as some of the little soldiers already have a name and the beginnings of a character forming. This I think will add just that little bit more interest to the battle report that will be written, along with numerous photographs too. Maybe you already have a favourite character, or perhaps, one you wish to see knocked down a peg or two.

Travelling Blind

Balk Wood, South of Pocklington

25th March 1642. 7:30am

Once back in the woods, Septimus instructed Captain Hotham to send two troopers North-West along the York Road. They were to remove helmets and cover their uniforms with riding cloaks and if possible, travel alongside the road, rather than upon it. Septimus didn't want to be caught out by any force which, may at that very moment, be travelling from York to meet with the royalist convoy from Twiston Hall.

All the men had been given a hot breakfast of oats and now stood to at the fringe of the wood overlooking the road. Captain Watson and a sergeant had walked along the road, satisfied that they could not see any of the Foot regiment hidden among the trees and bushes.

Captain Hotham's regiment, had also eaten and had taken up a position to the rear of Balk Wood, out of sight of anyone who happened to pass along the Balk, to or from Pocklington.

The two captains and Septimus, now stood in a small clear area, to the rear of the waiting and silent musketeers and pikemen. All weapons had been loaded, checked and checked again. Each man had, when he stood to fire, a clear view of the road in front of him.

'Now we wait.' said Septimus in little more than a whisper. 'Once those troopers who are watching the convoy return, we can finalise the plan of attack. If that fool still has not sent scouts ahead or to his flanks, he is going to be in for a very nasty and costly shock.'

The two captains mumbled in agreement.

At that very moment...

One Mile away, South-East on the York Road.

Sir Royston was enjoying the fine Spring morning, the sun had broken through the thinning clouds and was now pleasantly warm on his right side. He was alone at the head of the column, he should really have invited the Major of the Horse Regiment, to ride with him, but the man was nervous bore and he didn't want this wonderful morning spoiled by that clucking old woman, bleating in his ear about scouts, pickets and the like. For goodness sake, he thought, we are only on a four hour journey, which will end with a triumphal entry to York. What could possibly go wrong?

Balk Wood. 7:50am

'Riders approaching sir!'

The call was quietly and calmly passed down the line of the waiting soldiers. Coming across the field at a good gallop, were the two troopers who had been shadowing the convoy.

The two dust covered and sweating men, reported that the convoy was exactly as before, no scouts or flankers had been sent out, and that it was less than a mile away.

'Gentlemen,' Septimus said to the two waiting commanders. 'We will allow the mounted men and the wagons to pass unmolested, the men are to stay hidden. Only when the foot regiment is passing before us on the road, will the men stand and fire a volley.

Captain Watson, nodded.

Septimus turned to Captain Hotham. 'Once you hear that volley, your men will charge from around the back of the wood, directly at the horse. They should by this time be in total confusion as to what is happening in their rear.'

This time it was Captain Hotham who nodded his understanding.

Septimus grinned, 'God and surprise are on our side today, let us not waste it.'

Both captains smiled back and hurried off to join their regiments.

The clatter of horses hooves and rumble of iron rimmed wheels could just be heard approaching along the road...

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Farm animals primed up

Cleaned up and primed the farm animals that will used on the wargaming table.

 These look like long haired Aberdeen Angus type cattle, well they do to me.
 Seen here with their two calves, I think they will fit in nicely for the 17th Century. I would imagine the bulls would be hitched to ploughs or carts on the farm. 
 Four adult pigs and four. It was suggested that I paint them as Gloucestershire Old Spots. A Google search showed them to be a pale brown with very irregular dark brown or black spots. So I will probably give that a go.
 The chickens being so small, based three and four, to a penny. Six hens and one Cockerel.

Should be fun painting this little lot up.