Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Demo Battle 3 with guest commanders

Two guest commanders, namely Richard Simpkins and Kurtus Brown will command the Royalist and Parliamentary forces respectively, for this battle. Both are subscribers to my YT channel and when I asked for ideas on movement of forces, both came up with suggestions. I offered each command of a force and both graciously accepted. The sent me the first turn for each of their units which I then carried out on the table.

 Brigadier Richard Simpkins, commanding His Majesty's forces.
Brigadier Kurtus Brown, commanding the Parliamentary forces.
 The two Parliamentary foot with their sealed orders under their base. As it happened the unit on the left, failed to receive its orders and had to consult a chart to see what move it made.
More orders waiting to be read, if the commander was unsuccessful at getting his orders through, I did not read them, this prevented the enemy commander obtaining intelligence as to what the other force had planned.
Both Parliamentary units of foot advance one full move.

 Both Parliament units successfully received their orders and advanced one move forward, the horse being instructed to screen the artillery.
 The Royalist foot unit seen here, did not receive its orders and after throwing a die, moved a half turn forward. The horse having received theirs, head off a full move ahead, they cannot pass through the wooded copse, so make a detour.
 Here we see them going around the copse, they look close to the enemy horse, but in fact it is some eighteen inches away.
In the centre of the table the forces are about twenty inches apart, the gun is pointing away from the enemy to show it is limbered. It take a full turn to unlimber and prepare the cannon to fire.
I shall await fresh orders from the two brigadiers and move the troops accordingly in turn two, in which the Royalists have initiative.

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