Monday, 9 February 2015

Demo Battle 3 - Initial Deployment

The same table as for the last two Demo Battles. Each side will have two regiments of foot, one regiment of horse and now a light artillery piece each.

 The two forces side by side.
 Parliament Force.
 Royalist Force
Dice thrown to decide on initial deployment. Nearest the camera the Royalist force has one foot and on horse on the left flank, one foot, one light gun plus the mounted commander in the centre.
Parliament have on their right flank, one light gun and one horse, in the centre both regiments of foot, with the mounted commander, all alone on the left flank.
 The Parliamentary commander
 Two Parliament foot regiments in the centre.
 Light gun and horse regiment on right flank.
 Royalist centre with, left to right, light gun, mounted commander and foot regiment.
 Royalist left flank consisting of one foot and one horse.
 View across the centre of the table from the Royalist positions to the distant Parliamentarians.
Parliament (blue die) win initiative for the first move.
So the battle lines have been drawn, the Parliament commander alone on his left flank will have to send messages to all four of his units with his orders. The Royalist commander only needs to send messages to two of his units, as the remaining two are within twelve inches of him. Light guns are shown facing in the wrong direction as they are currently limbered and unable to fire.

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