Monday, 1 August 2016

About half of the Arab force now completed.

Finished off the four units of mounted Arabs last night in the paint and chat on Tabletop Commanders. I had already completed some foot units so decided to lay them out on the table for a muster roll. Also took the opportunity to photograph the six test figures for the AWI project in the fort. The figures are not finished yet, but good enough for a quick photo shoot.

The whole force so far, all the cavalry are on single bases, the infantry in a mixture of 4,3,2 and singles. I can then use the troops for Saga, Lion Rampant as they are, or group them into larger units for L' Art, Hail Caesar, Impetus etc.

Seven Javelin armed in the front, I need to add another five figures to this unit.

A unit of 12 spear men with musician and leader.

Five extra spear men, will need another seven painted up to complete this unit.

16 archers, too big for Saga or Lion Rampant, but I just need to add another eight, to make a second full unit of 12.

Unit of heavy cavalry with spears.

Second unit of heavy cavalry with spears.

Light cavalry with javelins.

Light cavalry, horse archers.

The whole force again. Gripping Beast plastic box sets. This is the contents of just three boxes, one box each of heavy cavalry (2 units), light cavalry (2 units) and Arab spear men and archers. A lot of figures for the price and enough for a decent sized retinue in Lion Rampant.

The six test figures for the AWI are almost complete, just the muskets, cuff trim, hat trim etc to finish off. Guard at the gate.

Sentry above the gate and outside the commanding officers quarters.

I am really pleased with these Warlord Games figures, easy to build and a joy to paint. They look perfect in the scratch built fort.


  1. Great stuff Ian smart looking Arab force that didn't take you long the British AWI look good to mate.

    1. Thank you on both counts Stephen. I have started on another box of infantry now, they are really easy to paint up as no fancy uniform to contend with.

  2. Great work, Ian. The Arabs, the fort, and those Brit regulars. Some nice shots in there to of the fort's guards on duty. Looking forward to that project more than any other. I think there will be some awesome narrative battles going on there. Onwards...


    1. Thanks Kurtus, I am whistling through those boxes of Arabs, so easy to paint up. I too am looking forward to getting stuck into the AWI box set, I have already been thinking of narrative battles, and the thought struck me, that with your 15mm AWI, we could do a collaboration of sorts.