Friday, 5 August 2016

Latex Road sections.

I received a package yesterday from a retailer on ebay, Fat Frank. He makes and sells various terrain but I was particularly interested in his latex, ready to use road sections in 6mm/10mm. He also does them for larger scales too. I bought a selection of sections, straights, curved and junctions.
I will certainly be going back to purchase the same again in 28 mm.

A 'T' section, even has wheel ruts in the dirt.

A close up of the road texture. Lots of dry brushing going on there as well as a really fine bead of grass along the edges.

A 'Y' junction.

Some of the sections laid out on the battle mat with a couple of wagons.

They look just the job and a perfect size.

My bases are 30 mm wide so fit a treat.

The next batch of Arabs underway, hopefully they will be completed on tonight's paint and chat with Tabletop Commanders. I am making these elite archers in the red and black colour scheme.

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  1. Arabs are coming along nicely. Also like the latex roads... how much movement you got in them? (Can they be placed over hills etc.)