Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Re-match live on Tabletop Commanders Paint & Chat.

After yesterdays crushing defeat for the Westerners a new battle was set up, with a slight modification to the forces of both sides. Lion Rampant was again used, and a fun game was had. I didn't take any photos but it was all recorded live on Tabletop Commanders, so you can see a dice by dice, blow by blow, battle. Just click the following link:

The forces arrayed for the battle.

The Westerners swapped out a unit of spears for an extra unit of light cavalry.

The Easterners, replaced one unit of mounted archers for foot archers.

Looking along the Easterner's battle line.

The same with the Westerner's battle line.

It was a quick and fun battle, fought out with my good buddy Kurtus taking the Westerners and myself commanding the Easterners. However, Lion Rampant does what it says on the tin, it is a skirmish game and not really suited to battle lines advancing across the table.
So I am now in the process of refreshing myself on the Basic Impetus rules for the next battle in this series and have chosen two armies to contest the battlefield.

Taken from the Basic Impetus army lists, Here is Saladin's force. CM is medium cavalry, CL is light cavalry, T is missile Troops and FL is light infantry.

Here is Saladin's force laid out as per the above list. A unit of Kurdish Javelins is just out of shot at the bottom of the photo.

The forces of Richard of York, CP is heavy Cavalry, FP heavy infantry and S is skirmishers.

And here they are as per the list above.

The Westerners have the option to change out some units as listed below.

These are the troops that could be used if any of the options are selected.

I hope to fight this battle on Thursday or Friday night, once again live on TtC, so be sure to have a look.

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  1. Looks good. I like the lists. Brings back some fond memories of playing BI years back. Excellent!