Sunday, 7 August 2016

Arab 'elite' archers completed, and some work on cavalry.

The Eastern army project is progressing very well. I almost managed to complete the elite archer unit during the paint and chat on Tabletop Commanders, finished them off on Saturday morning with flock and then sealed the flock, took the opportunity to flock and seal the bases of 12 cavalry horses too.

Painting completed on the chat.

Decided to give them red and black quivers too.

Built, washed and assembled twelve cavalry mounts.

Primed, painted black and washed with transparent ink.

Elite archers now complete and ready to join the army.

Flock applied and sealed.

Flocked and sealed the cavalry mounts too whilst I had the mixture on the go.

They will form two units of 'elite' heavy cavalry, so they get black horses.


  1. great stuff again Ian your really getting through those figs not long before your onto the AWI great work mate keep them coming

  2. Thanks Stephen, they are getting done in record time sure enough, it will be Vikings and Anglo-Danes after these boys are finished. I will have to wait to get stuck into the AWI.