Saturday, 30 July 2016

Continuing work on the Mounted Arabs and AWI.

Work is progressing on the Arab Warriors, I have four mounted units in progress at the moment. Two units of six heavy cavalry with spears, one unit of light cavalry archers and finally, one unit of light cavalry javelins.

First unit of six figures which are heavy cavalry with spears.

Second unit of heavy cavalry with spears.

Light cavalry with javelins in front, with light cavalry with bows behind.

With the completion of the scratch built fort for the French & Indian Wars/War of Independence, I couldn't resist taking a sprue from the Liberty or Death box set to paint up a few test figures.

As you can see from this artwork of the troops contained in the box, The figures top left, top right and bottom right, are going to be very tricky to paint the waistcoat and jacket trims with the arms and weapons in place.

So for the six test figures I have begun with torsos. I am using a completely new technique for me, namely I primed the plastic, I normally coat them in PVA. I have also painted the bases with textured paint, again a first for me, regular followers of this blog will know I am old school and just use flock. The paint is being done in layers, all the paints are Vallejo.

Jackets Flat Red, Waistcoat, trousers, belts and turn backs in Stonewall Grey. Next a wash with Umber wash.

I used exactly the same base colours again to highlight, concentrating on the folds etc. Again this is totally alien to me, but I was determined to experiment.

I then highlighted again, this time the Jacket with Vermillion and the white areas with Wolf Grey. A final highlight, using Off White for the belts and White for the waistcoat and trousers.

A totally new way to paint for me, but so far, I am quite pleased with the results and the arms can now be attached. Hopefully causing little or no damage to the paintwork.


  1. Good looking Redcoats. Good tips here, I will be painting some soon!

  2. Good looking Redcoats. Good tips here, I will be painting some soon!

    1. Well I hope it helps, I am just experimenting and learning as I go along.

  3. Looks great so far, Ian. I am glad you're trying out some new techniques as well. We are always learning, right? Glad to see the AWI stuff :)