Thursday, 11 August 2016

New delivery in the mail.

The metal figure of Saladin arrived late this afternoon, so he is now on the painting board with the rest of the Arab warriors. I also did a bit of planning ahead, for when I begin my American War of Independence/French and Indian War project, as you will see from the following photographs.

Saladin in his blister pack.

His arms/hands come separately and I have just sat him on his steed.

 Very nice detail on his armour etc.

Various bits and pieces in the bag.

Some civilians for the AWI/FIW project.

The armed settlers, I particularly like the woman carrying an armful of muskets, presumably she has just reloaded them for the shooters.

The working settlers have some good poses, but notice the figure top left. I will show a close up of him in the next photograph.

He is wearing an apron and holding a knife, but note his right hand. It is holding the shaft of what I assume is, or rather was, a blacksmith's hammer. Sadly it has broken off and is not in the blister either, so I cannot repair it! Very annoying.

I do have thirty Hessians in the 'Liberty or Death' box set, but having an extra thirty will allow me more options to build grenadiers, jaegers, musketeers or fusiliers as well as the extra command figures.

There is only a single sprue of eight indians in the box set, so added to this box, it gives me a decent sized force.

Finally, on the model front, a building. I do intend to scratch build a number of cabins but this kit will give me all I need in respect of dimensions etc. as well as being an attractive piece in its own right.

Although I intend to use Black Powder/Rebellion rules for larger battles, I wanted a rule set for smaller skirmish type battles too. So Muskets & Tomahawks was my choice.

The cards come in a protective plastic box.


  1. A lot of good playing in everything here!

    1. Sure is Gary, lots to keep me busy for some time to come.

  2. Fantastic! What a morning YOU had today. All that gaming goodness. Sad about the missing/broken parts for those models. Surely you can make do.


    1. Yes, it was a nice delivery, the broken/missing hammer is no great deal, I may be able to fashion something or have something suitable in my bits box to fix him up.

  3. nice horde there Ian that will keep you busy for a while mate.

    1. Cheers Stephen, I like to gather the bits and pieces for a future project.