Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Another Arab unit completed and a new battle mat.

Finished off another unit of spear men yesterday, decided to make these into an elite unit, bodyguards or something similar. I have the multi-era imagi-nations project in the back of my mind now when I paint things up. I also bought a new battle mat today, not sure who makes it but I believe it is from GW. I bought it at a good discount from a new model shop that has recently opened not too far from my home. Today I also ordered a metal mounted Saladin figure, to lead this Arab army.

Elite unit of spear men, in red and black colour scheme, I couldn't but help think about the Immortals as I painted these guys up.

Just a single unit of twelve for Lion Rampant.

I also built enough archers, javelins and spear men, to complete a second unit of each. These will be added to the extras I already have.

Eight archers.

Five javelins with a commander.

Seven spear men, again with a commander.

The desert battle mat is 6 x 4 feet and looks really good, with a dried up river (is that a Wadi?) running its length.

The ruins of a temple and a mosaic floor in one part of the design.

The reverse side is rubber so the mat is quite heavy, however, hills etc. can be placed beneath or on top.

Close up of the dried up river bed.

Some really clever subtle touches to the mat, I can see this getting a lot of usage.


  1. looking great my friend :D

    1. Thanks buddy, the project continues.

  2. That is a nice looking mat. Fortunate to get a shop near your house.
    Figs are looking cool too... who are the Immortals?

  3. Cheers buddy, I am lucky that such a shop has opened close by, a regular place to visit, that's for sure. The Immortals, were part of Xerxes Persian army that invaded Greece and fought the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae.

  4. Good job Ian, the mat looks very nice too.

    1. Thank you Yorkie, I am very pleased with the mat, gives me lots more options now.