Thursday, 4 August 2016

Yet more Arab Warriors join the ranks.

As mentioned on this blog a couple of days ago, I had to create a second unit of archers, spear men and also the first unit of javelins. They have now been completed and the final three boxes from my purchase will now be tackled. As it was a sunny, though a little windy, outside. I took the opportunity to seal the flocked bases, the usual mix 50/50 mix of Woodland Scenic Cement and water. This stops the models leaving a trail of flock behind on the table top.

The bases have now dried out and brought back inside. Six units of infantry.

Four units of cavalry.

The last two boxes of cavalry to do.

The final box of infantry, washed in soapy water, rinsed and left to air dry.

All the units displayed in their natural environment.

I have made up the units in Lion Rampant formations, this can of course be easily altered as needed. At the left rear, javelins, moving forward archers and then heavy cavalry with spears.

Two units of spear men at the rear, one unit each of archers and elite spear men and in front heavy cavalry, and in green, light cavalry with javelins.

Finally, at the front a unit of light cavalry archers.

Ten units completed so far with a further eight (four cavalry and four infantry) still to be added.

I do like the red & black colour scheme of the elite spear men and plan to build a unit each of archers and heavy cavalry to match. I think I have enough of the wrapped up heads to achieve this. They could be the cream of the army. I also ordered a metal Saladin figure mounted on horseback, he can be the leader of the army.


  1. Doing a great job! I love the GB figures, all kinds of options!

  2. Thanks buddy, fantastic figures by GB, I really am enjoying building and painting them.

  3. Impressive output..... they look very impressive.

    1. Thank you Mike, I am enjoying painting these guys up, working on another unit of archers now, elite in the black and red colours this time.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Rodger, still more to work on, but enjoying it.