Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Arab 'Elite Heavy Cavalry' finished.

Just a short posting today, I managed to finish off the two units of elite heavy cavalry. Mostly in the Tabletop Commanders paint and chat last night, with the final bits and pieces this afternoon.
Next up will be the remainder of the infantry troops, not sure how many there are, or what they will end up being, however, they will be bog standard troops, no more elites.

One unit of elite heavy cavalry armed with swords or scimitars.

The second with spears and Norman style helmets in elite black, red and gold.

Both units lined up.

Ready for action!


  1. My favorite units you have done so far. They look fearsome.


    1. Cheers buddy, two more units now flocked and drying.

  2. Great stuff Ian almost done mate I'm still struggling with the 15 miniatures I have to paint up keep them coming mate