Thursday, 11 August 2016

Arab project coming to a close.

Since my last entry I have completed another two units. A unit each of standard spear men and archers. I am now working on the last three units of the army, two light cavalry and one foot javelin. This will give me a total of 24 each of heavy and light cavalry, plus 120 infantry broken down into spears, javelins and archers. That is the complete contents of the seven boxes of Gripping Beast figures I purchased. I am awaiting the metal mounted Saladin figure to lead the army, giving a grand total of 169 figures! More than enough for Saga, Lion Rampant, L'Art, or any other rule system I wish to use. Just a case of combining some of the units, mainly cavalry, into larger formations.

The whole army so far, the regular troops and cavalry in the foreground with the elites in the distance.

The regular troops, based for Lion Rampant. Two units of light cavalry, one archers and one spear or javelin plus a unit of foot javelins are still to join this force.

The regulars will eventually total fourteen units. six mounted and eight foot.

 Ready for action! Javelin skirmishers to the fore, three units of archers, backed by three units of spears,  two heavy cavalry with spears, one with javelins and one of archers, to the rear.

The elite force is of course much smaller with two units of heavy cavalry, one with spears and one with scimitars/swords. A single unit each of spears and archers, all in the distinctive black, red and gold colours.

The hooded spears advance before the golden helmets.

Archers prepare to unleash ahead of the spears.

Four units of regular cavalry, comprising two of spears, one of archers and one of javelins.

The final unit of javelins are on the painting board, they have the base colours blocked in and have had a wash, they are now awaiting their highlights.

The final twelve horses built and primed. They will be the mounts for archers and either spears or javelins, not decided yet.

The last units of this project.


  1. Awesome work mate can't believe you got that lot painted in such a short time great stuff my friend

  2. Thanks Stephen, four paint and chats in four nights has helped me crack on through this little lot lol.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Ralph, easy to paint, even for me lol. Good enough for the gaming table.

  4. Seriously impressive turnaround of figures...they look great.
    best Mike