Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Supplying the Army.

So far I have only shown the sexy part of the armies, the Foot, Horse and Artillery. Of course none of the former would function without supplies of food, gunpowder, fodder and ordnance. The more mundane is often not shown on the miniature battlefield. I shall attempt to put that right.
During the month of December, I am taking part in an Advent Challenge. This basically is a stress buster in the days leading up to Christmas Day, where we can escape from the hustle, bustle and stress that is the over commercialised and overpriced time of the year. Nice to escape to whatever little corner that serves as your work space and do a little painting. I did not have a baggage train so decided that my entry for the challenge would be some horses, carts, horse walkers, mule train and some items of baggage to place on them.
 Six cart horses made by Trent Miniatures.
 Two horse riders, sadly they will not fit on the horses without twisting their legs into an impossible position. Not to worry, they will go in the bits box, for a future project.
 Warlord Games excellent mule train.
 Four horse walkers to lead each of the wagons.
 Some resin barrels, crates and sacks to load onto the carts.
 One of the utility carts, this comes in kit form and is laser cut MDF, looks very real and will only need a small amount of work to finish it off.
On the second day of the challenge I did a little more work.
 The mules received a coat of grey.
 The cart horses received a very rough first coat of either grey, brown or chestnut.
 A four wheeled cart in front of a black powder cart. Again all laser cut MDF.
The powder cart.
So the baggage train is starting to take shape and will be used on the war games table when it is all complete. It will make an ideal target for one side and cause the other side to defend it vigorously.
I have always used Tamiya acrylic paints but recently discovered via other users on You Tube, Vallejo acrylic paints. I have bought a few bottles to try out, so far I am very impressed, an added bonus is that they produce a far larger range of colours.

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