Thursday, 4 December 2014

More work on the baggage train

Slapping some paint on the baggage train.

Have managed to do a little work on the baggage train over the last couple of days. It is progressing very nicely and in fact I will probably finish far earlier than the 24th December. With that in mind, I have decided that as this month is set aside for the challenge, I shall complete some of the bits and pieces that have been sat in my 'To Do' pile for a very long time. I dug out four pieces of resin fencing and have begun to paint them and I will also dig out a couple more period houses that also need painting up.
A few photos of the baggage train build now.
 The horses have now had two coats and also a sepia wash followed by a little dry brushing
 The mules have also received two coats and a dry brushing. As I had some browns on the go, I don't like to waste paint, I also started doing the base colours on the mules and the horse walkers.
 Just very basic colours added, they will probably need a second coat before washing.

All six horses together.
Well that will do for today. I shall include photographs of the fence sections and show the resin houses in my next entry.

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