Monday, 22 December 2014

Mounted Leaders

I already have some leader figures painted. King Charles I, Prince Rupert, Oliver Cromwell, Sir Thomas Fairfax and two un-named brigade commanders. I needed more leaders for my projected campaign, some of the figures will double as fictional characters in my Campaign Diary.
 The figures have been primed and an initial coat of flesh has been applied to hands and faces.

 The rear rank consists of the Marquis of Montrose and some of his staff.
 The next rank from the back, with Lord Leven closest the camera with Generals Waller, Hopton and Grenville.
 The second rank consists of from left to right, a herald who will be attached to the king, the Earl of Essex and the Earl of Newcastle.
The front rank consists of left to right, Charles II, Duke of Buckingham, Lord Byron, Sir Jacob Astley and finally George Goring.

 On the left here, General Waller will also double as Colonel Septimus Gryndell.
I really do like these figures, and of course they could be used to represent any of the Civil War leaders. The Duke of Buckingham (2nd left, front row) will double as Sir Royston Twiston-Rawlings in my fictional Campaign Diary.

I shall take my time painting these beautiful figures in all there finery. I have entered another painting challenge for January, for that I intend to paint up my box set of Scots Lancers and if enough time some cattle, pigs and chickens that I received today in the post.

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