Monday, 8 December 2014

Baggage Train completed.

The baggage train build progressed more quickly that I thought it would. The excellent laser cut MDF wagons, helped greatly of course. Once assembled they needed very little work to complete and so left me more time to concentrate on the Shire Horses and the horse walkers.

Some of the wagons will be used in a table top battle when our Royalist friend Sir Royston wishes to move the family valuables and plate from Twiston Hall to a much safer location in York. Possibly right into a Parliamentary ambush involving no other than Septimus, who would greatly appreciate adding the loot to the governments cause.

The next project will be to paint up four resin houses to add to my collection of buildings. I will then have enough to represent a village or even part of a town. Sometime in the future I would like to construct part of a town walls and gateway, the pieces being able to fitted together in a number of ways. This would allow for siege battles to be fought.

 All four wagons and the mule train.
 The four wheeled cart loaded up with sacks, barrels and crates and pulled by a two horse team.
 I created the bases from Plasticard, sprinkled with some small grey gravel, finally I added a verge of green flock.
 I think it gives a pleasing representation of a baggage train.
 Small cart with single horse.

 Black Powder or Strongbox cart.

 The mule train was especially enjoyable to paint up.

 The four wheeled wagon is more from the Boer/Zulu War period but will do for this project.
All in all a very enjoyable build and paint. A baggage train is of course an integral part of every army on campaign. It also provides a nice, juicy target for the enemy to attempt to capture.


  1. Excellent job, they look great!

  2. Thank you Phil, appreciate your comments. I was beginning to think no one was able to read this blog or make a comment, as you are the first person to make a comment.
    Cheers Ian

  3. Having watched theYoutube videos these photos certainly complement them.

    1. Thanks Gerr, the photos are far better than my video efforts lol.

  4. I'm after ideas for an ECW baggage train, for a scenario I have in mind. This has helped a lot. Cheers!

    1. Please to have helped Leo, they are excellent kits.