Sunday, 30 November 2014

Dark Age Britain

Another period in history that interests me is Dark Age Britain, the period after the Romans left until the arrival of the Normans in 1066. It is also a period I have not modelled in 1/72nd scale. A company named 'Gripping Beast' have brought out three plastic box sets, each contain approximately 40 figures for £18. Currently they have released: Saxon Thegns, Viking Hirdmen and Dark Age Warriors. The figures are excellent sculpts and can be arranged in various poses.
Saxon Thegns box set.
I bought some shield transfers separately and am very pleased with how they look.
 A variety of shield transfers.
 The Warlord wearing a red cloak.
 A mixture of swordsmen, axemen and spearmen.

The figures look great even with my mediocre painting, for the first time I used an acrylic wash on the miniatures and was pleased with the result.
The 120 or so figures in the three boxes I purchased are more than enough to fight small skirmish battles on a small table measuring 3 x 3 (feet) using an excellent set of rules known as Saga.
The book contains the very simple rules, and four battle boards that are used in conjuction with die rolls. Battles are fought with less than 30 figures per side, an excellent way to start miniature wargaming.


  1. kLet us know where you got the transfers from mate. Need some for my Emhar Vikings

  2. Shield transfers are by Little Big Men Studios and are specially designed for Gripping Beast Vikings, Saxons and Dark Age Warriors.