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Sir Royston's Plate

The latest instalment of the fictional Civil War diary covering a campaign.

Sir Royston's Plate

21st March 1642

The King's Apartments, York.

The king held out his hand as Sir Royston Twiston-Rawlings stepped forward. 'Wonderful to see you again my dear fellow, he said, shaking hands with Sir Royston after the latter had bowed his head in respect.

Sir Royston removed his plumed hat in a theatrical swirl. 'The pleasure is indeed all mine your majesty, I have come to offer my sword in the fight against the webels, should they be foolish enough to twy to seize power.'

The king tapped him on the shoulder, 'Every sword may indeed be required and the offer of yours is most gratefully received my dear fellow.' As if by magic a young courtier appeared beside the king holding a red cushion upon which lay a rolled up scroll bearing the royal seal. The king picked it up and offered it to Sir Royston. 'This is your honorary commission as Colonel of Sir Royston Twiston-Rawlings Regiment of Foot.'

Sir Royston could barely conceal the smile of satisfaction and bowed graciously. 'You do me a gweat honour indeed and I shall not disappoint your majesty. I already have the wegiment equipped and cuwwently under training at the manor, they will be weady for such times as you wequire them.'

'Excellent news my dear fellow, now walk with me a while I have a request to make of you.' Sir Royston walked beside the king into a quieter part of the room, he was aware of the many pairs of eyes watching him and couldn't resist the wonderful feeling of importance he currently felt.

'When the war comes and believe me it will come,' the king said in a quieter tone, I will not only need the services of brave men like yourself but also gold to pay for it all.'

Sir Royston was no man's fool and had expected at some point to be asked to make a loan to the king's cause. 'It will be my pleasure and honour to pwovide all that I can your majesty, The gold and plate at the manor is not safe where it is with the webels so damn close in Hull. The manor, though a wonderful house, is not a castle and would be defenceless against a determined attacker. The contents are at your disposal your majesty and I shall gladly deliver them personally to you here at York.'

'Excellent my dear man,' the king smiled and nodded, 'it is of course merely a loan and will be paid back with a very generous interest, once this err...problem is resolved.' The king stroked his beard and looked around the room. 'I can send an escort of Horse to assist in its protection on the journey from the manor to York, a captain of horse will lead them, but of course he will come under your command.' The king laughed and slapped a startled Sir Royston on his back, 'You have only been a colonel for two minutes and now you are a brigadier of a mixed brigade of horse and foot, well at least for that mission anyway.'

Sir Royston smiled back, a brigadier, how impressive a title to announce himself as to the admiring ladies he thought. 'You honour me gweatly your majesty and I shall command with couwage and dignity.'

'I am sure you will my good man,' the king led him back into the main part of the room and Sir Royston realised his interview with the king was over.

'I shall leave for the manor tomowor and make the necessawy awwangements your majesty, once ready I will send word for the escort of horse.'

'Splendid my good sir, now unfortunately I have many others to meet and talk with and I must ask you to excuse me.' The king was already looking at the next victim from whom he could obtain a loan.

Sir Royston bowed, making another even more theatrical sweep of his hat before strutting out of the room.

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