Friday, 5 December 2014

Wagon completed and some resin houses.

The baggage train project is going so well, I have decided to add some resin houses suitable for the period into this month's build. I do have four or five already completed and these are the last of my stock. It will be more than enough for a village or small town when placed on the table top.

As of yet I don't have any civilians to people the village with, I must look into that.

 The four wheeled wagon with a load of barrels, sacks and crates, all suitably weathered.
This has been a very pleasurable build, something I have not tackled before.
 A two-storey wattle and daub house with a tiled roof.
Single storey building, could double as a Saxon Hall for my SAGA warriors if required. 
 Another wattle and daub but this time with a thatched roof.
This one is half wattle and daub and half timber again with a tiled roof.
Well that little lot should keep me busy for a while. A complete rest from building and painting regiments of troops too.

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