Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Skirmish set up on the war gaming table.

This will definitely be my last update of 2014. I have set up the skirmish battle involving Colonel Septimus Gryndell with the Hull Trained Band plus Captain Hotham's regiment of horse and Brigadier Sir Royston Twiston-Rawlings regiment of foot, an attachment of horse and the carts carrying the family plate to York. (Don't know what I am talking about?) Shame on you, read the Civil War diary entries on this very blog.
Alas, the battle cannot be fought yet, as the two main protagonists are both still in the process of being painted for the occasion. However, I have included some photos of the forces in position, minus the aforesaid gentlemen, to give a taste of what is to come in January.

Looking along the York Road from North-West to South-East, York is a few miles behind the camera and Market Weighton, Beverley and Hull, are further along the road in the distance.

From the other end of the table, The royalist train passes sheep grazing as they approach the wood.

Another similar view of the advancing royalist train. Ploughed fields to their right.

 The Hull Trained Band, hidden in the wood.
Quietly waiting to give the royalists a warm welcome.

Captain John Hotham's horse await on the road known as 'The Balk' which leads to Pocklington.

Some general views of the table and forces.

There will be at least one further diary entry before the battle takes place and I shall do a full battle report of the proceedings. The outcome of the battle will, of course, dictate the diary entry after that. Will Septimus relieve Sir Royston of his loot? or will our royalist hero, come good and vanquish the forces of parliament? Just like you, I shall have to wait and see.

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