Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Work begins on the houses.

Have begun painting the four resin houses that have sat in a cupboard for the past year or two. I have already painted up about half a dozen buildings, including a blacksmith's and a timber yard/cooperage.

A single storey house, this could be used in my Saga Dark Age battles as well as the Civil War.
 Dark grey wattle and daub walls with a weathered lighter grey roof.
 Two-Storey wattle and daub with a terracotta roof.
 Note the buildings have wattle and daub on the front only of the upper floors, the sides and rear being wooden boards.
 This is the only house with a glass window, in the upper floor only.
 Once again the upper floor is made of timber boards.
 Two storey thatched house. The thatch was given a water coat of Flat Earth, followed by a watered down Green/Yellow. Still needs some darker Brown/Black and a sepia wash.

Having access to a few buildings does enhance your table top and help bring it to life. They are also a pleasure to paint. The temptation is to go for numerous colours but in reality the colours used would have been very limited. The beams being mostly covered in a tar like substance to prevent rotting. If an owner was a little more wealthy, then a brighter colour may have been used.

The roof and upper floors are separate pieces and could if required be lifted off to place soldiers inside, as if occupying the building.

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