Thursday, 11 December 2014

Buildings almost complete and a flock of sheep.

Latest photographs of the 17th Century houses.

The houses are now almost completed, just a couple of hours work left to do, so starting a flock of sheep and a pair of civilian figures.

 Not entirely sure what this building is, as it doesn't have a chimney stack. Not a building to live in but is it a barn with a single door? Or possibly a workshop of some kind.

 The only one of the buildings with a glass window, on the upper floor in this house.

 The white walls were given a sepia wash and produced this rather fine colour that I think adds texture and depth.

 The thatch was given a thin dry brushing of black and finally a sepia wash to really dirty it up.

 I have two packs of these sheep. So will paint them up and can be placed in a field on the table top.
Finally two civilian figures. On the left is a man in apron holding a bottle in his right hand and shaking his left fist. On the right is a young boy running and holding a piglet under his right arm, whilst holding onto his hat with the other hand. Has he stolen it? They will make a nice cameo in the village.

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