Friday, 24 March 2017

Third foot regiment now done.

Queen Josephine's Regiment of Foot ready for basing.

As with the earlier two regiments, the swords will be added once based. This is the first infantry regiment for the country of Cadesh, so now all three of the initial Imagi-Nations have one foot regiment.

Just as I was completing the gold on the officers and grenadiers, the bulb in my illuminated magnifier gave up the ghost! Will have to do without for now, I do have a spare bulb at home, so will collect it on my next visit.

Drummer in reverse colours and this time with a feathered hat.

The national and regimental flags have yet to be designed and printed out.

24 strong, six bases of four.

My wife chose the colour scheme, right down to the tan earth facings. I think they look brilliant.

I should have my MDF bases delivered tomorrow, so I can get down to some basing, I can manage that without my magnifier.

Cavalry reinforcements should also arrive tomorrow, so a break from infantry, as three regiments of cavalry will be next up.


  1. Awesome progress. You know, I am really keen to see these units in action. The Kool thing is, because you are letting your 'imagination' go on this project, everything had much more value/meaning to it. I like it. Again, looking forward to see these guys further developed and get into a battle. Good work, Ian.

    P.s.: I see I am not alone in the quest for 'light bulbs'. 😉


    1. Cheers buddy, I can certainly let my imagination run riot and no one to say 'Hey, hey.' The lamp has lasted over four years, so I can't really complain, I do have a spare bulb at home.