Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Battle of Mardon. Part Three. Turns 11 through to end.

TURN ELEVEN - Confederate Activation

The attack on the flank of the farm continues.

The survivors of the frontal assault pull back.

Two hits are scored on the Union lead brigade.

Ineffective counter-battery fire.

The newly arrived Union division take a pounding from the prepared Confederates. Infantry fire causes two hits on the lead cavalry brigade, the counter-battery fire hits the still limbered cannon and temporarily disables it.

The Union infantry brigades take hits, but it could have been much worse, the rebel artillery missed completely.

TURN TWELVE - Union Activation

The union artillery at the farm is limbered up as the infantry brigades start to form a formidable line on the flank.

The lead rebel brigade, reels from musketry hits, down to two elan.

With rebel cavalry in the open the Union troopers charge into the attack.

By the hills, the Union infantry open up and score hits on the defending rebel infantry.

The cavalry battle swirls and each side registers a win, one Union brigade is now spent, but the other wins the melee and pushes the rebels back.

TURN THIRTEEN - Confederate Activation

The artillery opposite the farm fires its last shot before retiring at the limbered Union artillery, but fails to score a hit.

The cavalry battle is resumed.

The spent Union brigade is destroyed, but the other Union brigade once again pushes the rebel horsemen back.

The Union artillery has a charmed life, surviving unscathed from muskets and cannon.

The infantry both take another loss.

TURN FOURTEEN - Union Activation

The limbered Union artillery takes up a position on the flank of the rebels attacking the farm.

The Union infantry brigades storm up the hills in a wild charge.

Mixed results, as the right flank pushes the rebels back, but the left flank is itself pushed back down the slope.

The Union cavalry charge again, but honours are even and they have to fall back, but the rebel brigade is now spent.

The battlefield at the end of turn fourteen.

TURN FIFTEEN - Confederate Activation

Badly mauled rebel units limp from the field.

Union cavalry charged in the flank, there can only be one outcome.

They are sent packing, down to a single elan.

Both the dismounted troopers and the infantry brigade, fail to register a hit.

Two brigades almost spent, but two still at full strength.

After successfully repulsing the Yankee charge up the hill, they pour musket fire into them.

The same on the other hill.

The Union artillery deployed, but was destroyed before firing a single shot!

TURN SIXTEEN - Union Activation

Fired on from two sides by three units, and only two casualties recorded on this rebel brigade.

The Union troops assaulting the hill fall back with just a single elan remaining.

Opposite the other hill, the third brigade moves onto the flank, but it is probably too little too late.

TURN SEVENTEEN - Confederate Activation

The rebel troopers and infantry, once again fail to find their targets.

Artillery fire causes two hits.

The 'Rebel Yell' echoes off the side of the hills as they pour down the hillside into the Union troops.

(Poor photo, sorry) The already weakened Union brigade is destroyed, but although the other is reduced to just a single elan, it does force the rebels back uphill.

A better photograph.

TURN EIGHTEEN - Union Activation.

Although winning the battle at the farm, the Union now have no hope of capturing the hills.

The newly arrived division has lost its two cavalry brigades, artillery and one infantry brigade, one other is down to one elan  so unable to continue. The divisional commander retreats from the field with what is left.

Realising that the reinforcing division has not only failed to capture the objective on the hill, it has also retreated. Leaves the Union Corps commander with no option but to abandon the field to the enemy.

A final shot of the battlefield.

Could the Union have won this battle, very doubtful. They had a slightly smaller number of units overall and with only one division making it to the battlefield from the start, were always up against it. The Confederate player could have just sat and waited for the Union to do something, as already ahead on VP's he only needed to hold the hills.
That would have made for a pretty boring game, hence the attack on the farmhouse.

I enjoyed both the campaign map play and then the resulting battle. I shall certainly do both again.


  1. Very good read, thanks for putting a ton of effort into that. the smaller scale does allow for two very distinct and separate actions to take place on the table.

    1. Thank you Norm, I am pleased you enjoyed it, the small scale does go well on my tiny table.

  2. Excellent report. The campaign phase sets the scene nicely (and good to see it in detail). Most enjoyable! Thanks for putting all the effort in.

    1. Thank you Andy, I am pleased the campaign side of it worked so well, it made for an interesting scenic table and forces.

  3. Oh well. So much for the Union BLUE. Was a really good fight though. Loved the fight at the farm; pics looked really good. Good stuff, Ian. Enjoyed following along tonight.


    1. Thanks Kurtus, the poor Union were really up against it, having less troops and expected to be aggressive as well. Maybe next time.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Rodger, I am pleased you enjoyed it.