Saturday, 4 March 2017

Enough painting, time for a battle!

In my allotted hour for painting today, I managed to do the first coat of flesh, hair, white socks and light blue uniform on seven more figures. The eighth, is the test figure and will be joining one of these bases of four musketeers. I have decided to work on them in batches of eight, as you quickly see progress and don't become bored painting the same thing 24 times, as you would for the full regiment. Well that is my logic anyway.

But I am hankering after a big battle, so blatantly stealing an idea from the campaign section of the Blucher rule book, I have created a map for my 6 mm ACW troops to traverse and given the towns decidedly English/American sounding names. My drawing skills leave a lot to be desired, but it will serve its purpose, and of course is reusable.

The Union forces will have four blue counters, two of which will be decoys, only I won't know which is which until I roll an odd or an even on a D6, when two opposing counters meet. The map shows the location of hills, rivers, roads, forests, ploughed fields etc. These will give me the basic layout for the terrain on my table, when two actual forces come into contact.

The Confederate force will also have two decoys. Unlike Blucher, a battle will occur on four squares, as opposed to the normal six, due to the small table I have.

This is not necessarily the starting sides of the map, that will be diced for at the beginning of the campaign phase. Each side will have two divisions on the march and two decoys. The usual Scharnhorst Campaign rules will apply for movement etc. This should hopefully give me a fun, solo game.

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