Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Imagi-Nations. Basing the Foot regiments.

I have been unable to paint of late, due to the bulb in my illuminated magnifier giving up the ghost, a spare bulb will be fitted later this month. But I am able to do some basing.

Three regiments of foot, one for each of my Imagi-Nations. At the rear in sky blue is the Kingdom of Walivia. They are fully based and ready to go. In the centre in violet and black, is Queen Josephine's Regiment of Foot, of Cadesh. Finally, in the front is a regiment for the Republic of Karacia, they wear burnt red.

The leading two regiments still need their bases completing, I hope to finish that today.

Notice the swords laid ahead, the buggers fell off when I was painting the bases, Grrrr. you only have to look at them and they fall off. I will reapply them when the flocking is complete.

I am pleased with both the colour schemes and how they turned out, It will be some horse regiments next, I have begun the first, but the aforementioned blown bulb, is holding up proceedings.


  1. Splendid colour choices. Will you be making some flags for them too?

  2. Thank you Jack, I do intend to design and create both national and regimental flags for all the units. Probably using some type of drawing software and then print them out.

  3. Great looking units Ian the battles are going to look very colourful looking forward to seeing the flag designs you come up with. I used for my 54mm troops printed them out and hand painted them. You could use them as a base for your designs then trace over them and paint them up . Cheers for posting my friend

    1. Cheers Stephen, I think a modified warflag will be the route I take, I am certainly not skilled enough to design and paint my own. I like the idea of tracing and then painting, I could probably do that without too many errors.