Thursday, 2 March 2017

Test figures done.

One member of each of the four current foot regiments for two of the countries of Culm, are now finished. They are as good as my limited painting skills and eyes can manage. The camera is brutal as ever, but they actually look fine to me on the table, from normal viewing distance.
I am going for the toy soldier look, which for this project means no washes or inks, not to everyone's taste, but I only have to please myself.

Each of these guys has 23 mates that now need painting up, that is going to take a few months, and will be interspersed with the 28 mm AWI and 10 mm Napoleonic troops. Lots to keep me busy.

I am also working on the back story, characters, finances etc. for the various countries involved.
A conversation with my buddy Kurtus, got me thinking too. If this war spreads to other countries in Culm, my initial idea was for just three being involved, then maybe 10 mm would be the way to go if other nations do become involved.

It would be prohibitive, both in cost and storage space, to do more in 28mm, but Pendraken do an army box for £31 which contains infantry, cavalry and artillery. Lots of them too, and as a pack of 30 infantry or 15 cavalry or two cannon with crew, horse and limbers, retail at £4.95 each, a very affordable and doable way to go if needed in the future.

Certainly something for me to ponder.

The next task is to order some MDF bases. 40 x 40 mm for infantry (4 figures), 50 x 50 mm for cavalry (2 figures) and 75 x 75 mm for artillery and crew. A number of 50 and 75 mm rounds will also be needed for command figures.

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