Monday, 13 March 2017

First regiment for the Imagi-Nation project completed.

Well sticking to my schedule of only painting for an hour or so each day, though I did increase this to a couple of hours, with breaks in between. Now that the evenings are staying lighter for longer, I hope to maybe increase to three hours a day. So far no problems with my eyes.

So let me introduce the 1st Regiment of Foot 'The Queen's Own.' of Walivia. 24 figures strong, comprising four bases of four musketeers, a single base each of grenadiers and command. No flags yet as I have still to design them and also need to have access to a printer.

The grenadiers have brass fronts on their Mitre hats.

The unit facings are blue, (Royal regiments only, have blue facings in Walivia) The drummer is in reverse colours.

The figures are very easy to assemble and paint, with barely any extra lace, packs or bags to worry about.

I have ordered some MDF bases which will be given a scenic style with stones, grass and tufts, all on top of textured paint, which is a first for me.

I am now building the next 24 figures, they will be the first regiment for the Republic of Kiracia.


  1. Great stuff mate. This is a awesome project, you are not only creating the armies but a hole nation. Looking forward to seeing more of the background to the history as well as miniatures. Got my Internet back at last so i have some serious catching up to do cheers my friend

    1. Thanks Stephen, I am absolutely reveling in this project, I am able to let the old creative juices flow and not have to worry about being wrong. As it is totally a figment of my imagination, then of course, it is all perfectly sensible. It really is great fun.