Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Imagi-Nations - A little more progress.

The first eight figures, one being the original test figure, are close to completion. This regiment in the burnt red coats and hats, are the first regiment for the Republic of Kiracia.

A test figure for third country that will initially be involved in my Imagi-Nation world, an infantryman of Cadesh. My wife has adopted this nation and so chose the colours. Violet coat and breeches, black hat, bag and shoes, with facings of tan earth.

A roughly sketched map of the south-western area of Culm, with the three main players and their next door neighbours shown. I haven't decided on a scale as yet, but as these are all countries as opposed to the counties of Ireland, this is a pretty large chunk of real estate.

A closer look at the three main players. The smaller Kingdom of Cadesh, hedged in on all sides by larger neighbours. However, only the Kingdom of Walivia and the Republic of Kiracia will be involved initially.

I have drawn up a list of fictitious place names for Cities/towns etc. very English sounding as opposed to the often tongue twisting German names often associated with 18th Century Imagi-nations.

I have worked out a currency which will be standard throughout the whole continent of Culm. Being pennies, crowns and sovereigns. Each country may or may not have mines, depending on the topography, Areas will be divided into cultivated, woods, hills, plains etc, each having a value in sovereigns per annum, and the population occupying such tracts of land. This will serve for tax purposes.

Important and not so important characters will all have character traits, determined by percentage dice. These will be based on intelligence, initiative, charisma, courage, strength and health.

I am also considering producing a newspaper, the 'Culm Courier,' which will contain articles, battle reports, photographs (not sure how they managed that, possibly very life like paintings), gossip columns and downright slanderous insults! The editor would be pleased to accept contributions from readers.

So as you see, even when not painting, I am still thinking and researching for the project.

I will keep you all informed.


  1. A lot of thought is going into this Jack, I think it is going to be great!

    1. Thanks Gary, a lot of thought, but very enjoyable creating a continent from the ground up.

  2. Nice uniforms. :) Perhaps if I ever go to England they can face my armies of the Twin Kingdoms or my Villenese for a battle?

    1. Sounds good to me buddy, do you have a blog or channel showing your armies?

    2. Skip the last bit, I have found your links