Tuesday, 28 February 2017

More thoughts on my Imagi-Nation continent of Culm.

Back on the 8th February this year, I posted an article to this blog entitled 'A Germ of an Idea. In which I mentioned using a map of Ireland as a continent, and picking a part of it for my Imagi-Nations campaign. I was going to keep all the original names of counties, towns, rivers etc. but have now decided to actually rename them all. I shall still be using Ireland, as I love the topography of the whole island.

I have selected an interesting part of Ireland (Culm), for the first three of my new nations. We have an ocean to the east, a series of mountain or hill ranges, running roughly north/south, rivers, and of course main road systems linking towns.

This is pretty much the same area as above, with the counties and their borders. I am looking at Wicklow on the east coast, it will be renamed 'Walivia.' on its south west border is Carlow, now to be named 'Cadesh,' which has a western border with Kilkenny 'Kiracia.'

Of course the surrounding countries of Darini (Dublin), Kaohaken (Kildare), Lothoir (Laois), Tasilan (Tipperary), Walemeth (Waterford) and Wiceameth (Wexford), could all be drawn into the conflict.

The final map is an attempt to combine the two previous, placing each country in the physical land. Not too easy to read, but flicking between the other two, easy enough to work out what is going on, and sets the towns etc, down on the natural features of the land.

There is still much to be done of course, the books by Don Featherstone and Tony Bath, are a mine of information, as are a few blogs I have found. All good inspiration, as was the arrival of my two boxes of Marlborough troops.

I will continue to post updates on Culm as and when there is something to share.


  1. That's all looking interesting. I've never finished a map for my ImagiNation. Tried a few random map generation techniques but it has never worked the way I want. Didn't really think of nicking a real map! :)
    Good luck with the project! The Altefritzenburg Ambassador sends his greetings!


    1. Thank you Andy, it just seemed a good idea to use an already naturally formed piece of ground. Ireland or Culm, is just perfect. Just rename everything on it, and no one can be offended. Regards to the people of Altefritzenburg.

  2. This will be fun. Watching the world being created is fun too. A great start so far, Ian. Hope to co,Mandarin some of these fine troops. 😊 Onwards...

    1. Thanks Kurtus, I am having fun with this, I see no reason why members of the TtC community couldn't command armies in battle.