Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Pikeman's Lament. - Battle Report Part Two.

I realised that I had not actually completed turn four on the last posting, so have corrected that here. The lighting today was once again very poor, hardly any sunlight at all, so a few, not so good quality photographs mixed in this report.


Sullivan's Troop carry out a Wild Charge into 1st Troop, Okey's Dragoons, who fail to evade and suffer a casualty as well as falling back. Sullivan's Troop followed up, and both sides suffered a single casualty. Sullivan's Troop had to fall back.

Single dragoon casualty from the Wild Charge.

Sullivan's Troop chase after the retreating dragoons.

Each side loses a figure.

Both pass their morale and now face off.

Foulston's Dragoons, unleash their pistols on 2nd Troop Okey's Dragoons, with no effect.

They then use their movement to retire to reload.

Spencer's Shot, who still have First Salvo, fail to activate, and must now brace themselves to receive a mob of unfriendly Scots!


Clan McGregor charge into Spencer's Shot causing three casualties for one of their own.

Spencer's Shot fail their morale test badly, and rout from the field. (They were pushed off the table in falling back)

Garnett's Troop charge Barker's Troop, who successfully counter-charge.

Both suffering a casualty.

The attacker has to fall back.

It was at this point that I realised, I hadn't tried to rally the wavering Clan Douglas. The empty space they occupied, tells its own story!

1st Troop, Okey's Dragoons, fires on Sullivan's Troop, with no effect.

2nd Troop, with the Major attached, fire at Sullivan's Troop and record two casualties. The troopers did however pass their morale check.

The dice roll.

The casualties.

The Forlorn Hope, unleashed a volley on Trimble's Shot.

Two Royalist fell.

Trimble's Pike attempt unsuccessfully to form close order, the turn ends!

The victorious, and now unemployed clan members of McGregor, gleefully move toward the struggling pikemen.

The hotshots of 2nd Troop, Okey's Dragoons, unleash once again on the luckless Sullivan.

The dice spell the end for the Royalist Horse.

Off they go.

Not to be outdone, 1st Troop, Okey's Dragoons move forward in Skirmsh and let fly with their weapons,

A Foulston Dragoon, is no more.

Garnetts Troop again charge into Barker's Troop, who on this occasion fail to counter-charge.

Both suffer a casualty and Garnett is forced to pull back.

The butcher's bill is rising.

After their success last turn, the Forlorn Hope fire once again on Trimble's Shot.

Another musketeer hits the deck.

Even worse, on their morale check they throw snake eyes, even the nearby major, cannot prevent them routing from the field.

Trimble's Pike charge into the Clan McGregor.

They lose a single figure and pass their morale.

Foulston's Dragoons shoot and then retire.

1st Troop, Okey's Dragoons, lose another figure.

They are now reduced to under half strength and fail their morale check, now wavering.

The battlefield at the end of Turn Six. When the god of dice turns against you, he/she doesn't bugger about! What had looked a certain victory for the Royalists just three turns ago, now sees them struggling to survive.

Another couple of views.


1st Troop, Okey's Dragoons fail to rally and rout from the table.

Forlorn Hope, turn their muskets onto Barker's Troop, but register no hits.

Garnett's Troop, also pour ball into the luckless troopers of Barker's Troop.

Did I mention the dice gods!

That way to the storage box!

The two surviving troopers, now shaken are forced to pull back.

'See you Jimmy, how's this for migraine pal?' Clan McGregor storm into the pikemen.

The fighting is brutal.

As three casualties to each side attest.

The Clan shrug off the morale check, but the pike are now wavering.


Trimble's Pike successfully rally.
Barker's Troop fails to rally and pull back further, losing another trooper in the process.

Foulston's Dragoons bravely skirmish forward once again.

A dragoon of Okey's 2nd Troop falls, the major survives again.



1st Troop, Okey's Dragoons fail to rally and leave the table.

The Forlorn Hope turn their muskets on Foulston's brave lads.

Sending two of them to oblivion.

Foulston's Dragoon, fail the morale and are now wavering.

Hitting a man when he is down, 2nd Troop, Okey's Dragoons also unleash on Foulston's wavering dragoons.

'Hang on lads.'

The unit fails its morale and bids farewell to the table.

The victorious dragoons finish their movement.

The Forlorn Hope skip over the wall to advance across the field.

Garnett's Troop also advance toward the enemy pike.

The situation with the Royalist Pike and a very weakened troop of horse, all that is left to face the surviving Parliamentarians. I called a halt at this point. Major Trimble was forced to surrender.

Parliamentary troops closing in from all directions.

Major Trimble trying to understand how it all went wrong!

A very enjoyable game, I made a couple of minor errors, but nothing that changed the outcome. What a turnaround, I would never have imagined the Royalists could possibly lose, after such a great start.

I would certainly pick units to suit the mission in future, though for this test battle, I wanted some variety, to see what each could do. This was of course, without any upgrades or downgrades, no artillery or commanded shot etc. either.

I hope you enjoyed my efforts.


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    1. Thank your very much, I really appreciate it.

    2. Thanks very much David, and not a Z in sight lol.

  2. Well, that was a poor showing in the end - for the Royalists. Of course the dice - the men - had a much to do with it. I guess their heart wasn't up to the task at hand. Great fight all in all. I liked that.

    Well done, Ian. Looking forward to another one.


    1. Thanks Kurtus, it was very enjoyable to play, the dice of the gods swung in dramatic fashion halfway through, that's for sure.

  3. So can the fortunes of war go. A great skirmish! Looking forward to more.

    1. Many thanks Leo, very enjoyable and surprising, and I was there! I hope to fight another battle soon.

  4. Great stuff! Now we wait for a new battle to unfold!

    By the way your opponent obviously had weighted die, so give yourself a stern talking to!

    1. Thanks Kenneth, I know my opponent is well known for that, and drinking my beer as well lol.