Monday, 27 February 2017

A few test figures from the Marlborough Box Set.

I couldn't resist making up a few test figures from the box set. There are enough infantry in each box to make up 2 x 24 man regiments, and that is the route I intend to take. Bearing in mind I have two of the starter sets, this allows me to build four infantry regiments for each of the two main protagonists. Other nations can be added later as required.

The figures washed and the heads attached. Unlike the AWI box set, these figures come with arms already attached, which I find a lot easier, as it is very easy to mix the wrong arms etc. or at least it is for me.

The sculpts are very nice, the guy on the left is either a poor mould, or he is just plain dog ugly!

I then brushed on Vallejo primer.

They are now ready for the colour to be added, which of course, being Imagi-Nations, is the fun part.

Unlike the Liberty or Death box set, these figure come with arms already attached for the most part, drummer, officer and standard bearer, do require assembly. I have put on the first layer of flesh, hair and blocked in the hats, jacket and breeches.

One figure of each regiment/battalion will be painted as a representative of each regiment, so the cuffs, waistcoat and hat lace, can be in whatever colours I choose to represent that particular regiment.

It will be the same for the other nation. All regiments will be made up of six stands of four figures, four being the standard infantry figure, one being command and finally one of grenadiers. The latter company can be split off from its parent to form a combined grenadier battalion with grenadiers from other regiments.

Some unit facings added.

Well they certainly look different.

Next will be the shoes, belts and bag. I also better write down all the colours I used too, for when the rest of their mates join them.

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